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I provide voiceover performances for:

audio production

While we are not a full scale production facility, I began producing professional audio for broadcast 30 years ago, so we provide audio production for most of the project types above. If you’re looking for fully produced pieces with music, sound effects, and/or multiple voices we can help.

If you’re looking for complex, multi-track mixing and mastering or video production services, we can direct you to one of our amazingly talented production house partners.


As video and audio continue to explode and evolve, and more brands, corporate, non-profit, and personal, wade deeper into video, it can be hard to know where to start.

For small and midsize agencies and companies, you may just want to get it off your plate.

We got this.

I can help you conceptualize and execute your vision, find the right partners to pull in, set proper expectations and identify appropriate budgets, and put a lot of fears to rest.


Paul approaches every project not as a vendor but as a true partner. He wants to make sure your audio project is the best it can possibly can be, and he is incredibly passionate about all things sound - voice, sound effects and music, and the overall process.

Outside of having a professional, sophisticated voice, Paul can also help guide and even mix audio needs for your project. He was an integral part of our animation project, shepherding it from start to finish and working with every player in a timely and clear manner.

Voice talent is also subjective; while his tone works in many scenarios, maybe you have a different male vocal pitch or a female voice in mind. If so, still talk to Paul. He can assist you with finding the right voice and making sure your project shines. Highly recommended.


~ Jeff Kelley - Principal, Kelley Communications: KelleyUS.com