The 2019 and 2020 elections may well be the most important in our great country’s history. This certainly promises to be the most intense and political election cycle we’ve ever seen.

One thing is for sure, cutting through the clutter with your political messaging will be more crucial than ever. Competition for votes, and for the attention of the American people leading up to election day, will be the most fierce it’s ever been.

We know ads with emotional content perform better than rational ads. Better by 2:1. If you don’t connect with voters emotionally, you won’t connect with them at all. Can you afford a missed opportunity like that?

With more than 20 years as a voice actor, I am trained to bring the right emotion to your political commercials. Whether it’s gravitas, likability, confidence, neighbor-next-door frankness, earnest concern, or stern warning, I’m a trained professional who knows just the right notes to hit and how hard or soft to hit them, no matter what the party or issue.

My current workload allows me to turn around projects same-day. I have a SourceConnect, better-than-broadcast-quality home studio with phone patch for directed sessions. Let's talk about how to get it done. Clear expectations. No bottlenecks. Click the button below to get a quote, request a custom audition, or schedule a chat with me.

Email me at paul@paulschmidtvoice.com or call 804-477-8430.