Corporate Narration

As an experienced corporate narrator and marketer, I bring my voiceover training together with my corporate marketing and advertising experience to create reads that help define brands, and explain policies, products, and services.

Often corporate narrations require a poised, clear, and credible tone, but often one that’s also warm, conversational, and friendly. It’s a balance that is nuanced, and one not easily found by bringing in Sheldon from HR to voice your project.

The actual, physical voice you choose for your brand has a superpower: Voice humanizes brands. When delivered by a professional voice actor, voice gives words and sentences character without caricature.

I provide professional corporate narration for:

  • Training videos

  • Policy and procedure videos

  • Product and service explainers

  • Explainer and whiteboard videos

  • Alexa skills and voice-driven apps

  • Telephone: IVR and Message-On-Hold

  • Conferences, events, and presentations, including live announce

  • Video intros and outros

  • Podcast opens and closes

I’m highly experienced in corporate narration and have worked with such clients as EY (formerly Ernst & Young), Paychex, Innovative Auto HR, ePlan Services, and many more.

E-Learning Narration

Because e-learning courses can be very long with scripts as long as tens of thousands of words, e-learning presents a special challenge to the narrator. My job is not just to help teach your students, but also to keep them engaged while having a high level of command of the script and key points so that the student has high confidence in the credibility of the course material.

This is why it’s so important to hire a professional, trained voice actor. If you’re going to keep your students engaged for hours-on-end, your narrator has to give a performance that is approachable, credible, interesting and, for lack of a better term, non-monotonous.

If the narrator is monotone, annoying, doesn’t have command of the copy, or is disinterested themselves, then how can you expect your students to focus on the material and not the shortcomings of the narrator?

I provide e-learning narration for:

  • Training Videos

  • CBTs, WBTs, and LMSs
    Computer-Based Training, Web-Based Training, and Learning Management Systems.

  • Mobile Learning

  • Simulation

  • Game-based learning

Medical Narration

My job as a professional medical narrator is to become a temporary but completely credible subject matter expert. That requires research of concepts and rehearsal of terminology.

It’s one thing to be able to pronounce words like obinutuzumab and chlorambucil. It’s another thing to know them well enough that they roll off the tongue as conversationally as if I myself had completed medical school and to understand their context in the treatment of untreated CLL.

The technical part of narration is only the half of it. As with all other types of narration, the narrator’s job is to keep your users engaged and focused on the subject matter, not the narrator his/herself.

For patient-facing narrations, it’s also my job to make the subject matter or medical brand approachable and human, warm and friendly while still credible and trustworthy.