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Why FLAT FEE Voiceover?

For decades, most voiceover work has been done on a project basis, and largely still is. You have a job, you write a script and a spec, and solicit quotes based on genre, length, usage, cycle (how long it will be used), and budget.

Flat Fee Voiceover is another way of approaching the work, and is the best fit when:

  1. You’ve got volume.
    If you have a fair volume of jobs, they can be outlined and planned together rather than go out for quote after quote. 

  2. The work is fairly regular.
    You wouldn’t want to have to call and contract with your lawn mowing service every week. The same goes for regular, predictable voiceover work.

  3. You have a mix of small and larger projects.
    Projects like promo work, whiteboard video voiceovers, and one-off corporate video voiceovers, are much more expensive if you had to pay for them on an individual basis. Administrative time accounts for a disproportionate share of the cost on small projects. If your small projects are frequent enough, you can make your budget go further by bundling them together with Flat Fee Voiceover.

  4. Addressing the unpredictable.
    Even with a plan, things change. New opportunities come up. Someone woke up with a great idea. It’s hard to take action quickly when you have to find help, price a project, get a signature and get going. Flat Fee Voiceover allows you to be nimble enough to capitalize on the unexpected.

  5. Access to advice.
    With a Flat Fee Voiceover relationship, you have a partner and a consultant. It’s not just about recording the scripts and delivering the files, but helping you think past today to make the most of your month and year.



In general, this service is for pieces with clear instructions. I’ll work on longer pieces if you like, provided you have a flexible schedule and reasonable lead times.

You'll send me scripts, as many as you want, with written creative direction, any pronunciation guides, and deadlines. I'll record one script at a time, in the order they come in, unless you tell me otherwise. 

I'll record in my studio. Typically, we'll fall into a daily or weekly rhythm pretty quickly and the process only gets smoother over time.

Remotely directed sessions are available.




This is for projects that include:

  • Web, corporate, and explainer videos

  • Presentations and internal corporate media

  • Promo and Imaging

  • E-learning

  • Telephony: IVR and Message On Hold

  • Excludes:

    • Paid placement pieces for broadcast and/or web usage (e.g. paid pre-roll, inline, or post-roll), including PPC and PPV.




To start working with you, I need scripts. The more detailed the written direction, the better. If you’re not sure what you want, that’s okay, leave it to me.

For pieces up to 1 minute, I’ll give you multiple takes when appropriate.

Directed sessions are available.

Mistakes (when I record something non-script-correct) on my part are always fixed free. 

No long term contracts. You'll be billed monthly and can opt out an any time with 30 days' notice. 

I want this to be fun for both of us. This is a fun way to work, and it works best when we're both flexible and have each other's back. 


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