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An explainer video does just that: it describes a product, service, or process in a clear and concise, often conversational way. Video is among the most compelling content on the internet today and explainer videos in particular have exploded in popularity because of their ability to engage users and compel them to action.

Explainer videos technically can fall into several categories based on how they’re constructed:

  • 2d Character Animation

  • 2d Motion Graphics (Infographics) Animation

  • 2.5d Animation

  • Whiteboard Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Live Action (shot video)

  • Typography

  • ScreenCast

  • Animated Screencast

The voiceover for an explainer video should be conversational and approachable, even when presenting highly complex or technical products, services, or processes. In fact, the more complex the subject matter, the clearer and simpler the messaging should be. It’s the job of the explainer video to simplify the complex.

Optimal length for online explainers is 60 to 120 seconds. Larger subjects can be broken down into a series of explainers focused on 1 to 2 minute segments, each comprising its own video.

I’m highly experienced in explainer video voiceovers, and have worked with such clients as EY (formerly Ernst & Young), Paychex, Innovative Auto HR, APSHO, ePlan Services, and more, and have particular experience in the financial and medical fields.

If an explainer video is right for your brand and you don’t know where to start, I can help by coordinating with or referring you to top notch animators and video professionals.

Of course, the bulk of what I do is bringing your message to life and telling your story in the voiceover.

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