How To Give Creative Direction For a Voiceover - Part 2: Avoid The Goalposts


Today's tip is a continuation of our theme of how to give creative direction to a voice talent in a voiceover session.

Today's tip is called splitting the goalposts, or more aptly, maybe not splitting the goalposts. What I mean by that is oftentimes I see in specs, we'll call it direction that is either confusing or contradictory.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • “Conversational but not too informal.”

  • “Intense, but not too aggressive.“

  • “Confident, but not too assertive.”

Directions like these tend to be confusing. Splitting the goalposts. I want this, but not too much that.

Words like but and yet can be constricting. Words like and are really helpful.

  • “Confident and businesslike.”

  • “Conversational and friendly.”

  • “Intense and gritty.”

And will make so much more sense to your voice talent, but and yet can be confusing and constricting.