Sound Design - Animated Explainer Video


Sometimes auditioning for a job and not getting the voiceover gig doesn't mean not getting a gig. I recently was asked by Jeff Kelley of Kelley to submit an audition for an explainer video he was working on for one of his best clients, Dodson Property Management. I didn't get the voiceover, but suggested to Jeff that sound design would help make the video impactful, and he and the client agreed.

I did sound design for this explainer video for Kelley.

This project was a true collaboration of professionals doing what they do best. Jeff, whose core business is writing, wrote the script and concepted the video. The client ended up choosing a female voice, and Maria Pendolino nailed it. Her read is super friendly, but still authoritative, well paced, and nuanced. 

Next up was motion designer, Liz Lukens, who put beautiful visuals to Jeff's script and Maria's read. The style is "flat" and on-trend, and I think she did an amazing job of creating compelling animation that tells the story without overproducing to the point of distraction.

And finally, I got to put a cherry on top of all this beautiful work by adding and editing the music bed and sound effects. The easy trap here is to overproduce and put effects on every animation, but in keeping with Liz's style, I wanted the effects to just add a touch of spice here and there. Too much salt ruins a dish.

If you get a chance to work with any of these amazing, creative, wonderful humans, I highly recommend it.